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Wrongfully blacklisted

When in February this year Mrs Vanitha Durgapersad from Durban changed banks and with that her banking details, little did she know that she would be blacklisted.

"I was concerned about my debit orders", says Mrs Durgapersad who promptly informed her cell phone provider of this change in banking details. When she was not debited she queried this with her cell phone provider, who had not updated her banking details on their system. As instructed she did a cash deposit and faxed them the deposit slip – which happened repeatedly over the next few months.

When in June 2011 she received an SMS from her cell phone provider informing her that she had been blacklisted, she was deeply concerned, "I realised I needed help". Mrs Durgapersad immediately called Clientèle Legal for professional legal assistance. "Clientèle Legal's superior legal service was amazing", she says. Clientèle Legal advised Mrs Durgapersad to contact the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) to lodge a formal complaint and follow the correct procedure for getting her name cleared from the blacklist. "The lady I spoke to at Clientèle Legal was so helpful, I could lodge my complaint immediately", Mrs Durgapersad told Know The Law.

It is alleged that the cell phone provider had not updated Mrs Durgapersad's banking details on their system or received any of the faxes she had sent them. ICASA has since confirmed that Mrs Durgapersad's name has been cleared from the blacklist and the cell phone provider gave her R500 for the inconvenience caused. "Thanks to Clientèle Legal's good advice I was able to get my name removed from being blacklisted in no time – thank-you Clientèle Legal!"

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